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Successful Communication - 3 Basics


Erfolgreich mit den Drei Säulen der Kommunikation


People are divers. It sounds so obvious and banal but is nevertheless rarely taken into account. Don’t we understand fairness to mean treating everyone equally? However, we rarely consider or even know that this is very unfair.

Different people have different needs and consequently also need a form of attention tailored to them. This applies to the areas of leadership and cooperation among each other, but also generally to communication in the professional or private environment.

If you want to communicate successfully and influence people positively, you must first be aware of your own form of communication and personality and at the same time consider with whom and in what context you are communicating. This is the only way to have good and goal-oriented conversations that are perceived as such by both sides. Only in this way can you lead people effectively and awaken in them the willingness to follow. And it is the only way to build effective and efficient teams whose members are intrinsically motivated – the highest and most sustainable form of motivation that exists.

There is also no such thing as the ‘one guy’ who basically casts a spell over other people with his personality and virtually has success under his belt. Every personality type can be brilliant in what they do and how they communicate. However, one must be aware of his/her strengths, use and develop them.

Who is conscious of the strengths and weaknesses of his/her personality and develop or control them can and will become brilliant.

Who uses status behavior flexibly and consciously can develop charisma as well as positively influence conversations and steers negotiations to his/her benefits.

Status Behavior

In professional life, we usually associate status with a higher, leading position. We think of status as being signaled by positions, and to some extent professions in general, as well as symbols.

Indeed, status is more complex, and we miss the fact that there can also be a very effective status behavior resulting from the interplay of external status (the role or position we find ourselves in) and internal status (the internal emotional status or the attitude we show to the outside world).

To become aware of this status behavior, and to use it flexibly and purposefully in different situations leads to successful communication. Charisma, which is based on various characteristics – most of which can be trained – only comes to full bloom through flexible status behavior.

The Power of Language

Language can reveal so much in just a few words. It shows where we come from – geographically as well as socially – it shows how we think, reveals desires and intentions, and makes clear the relationship of the communicators to each other.

It often pushes the speaker, or even just the thinker, in a certain direction merely based on the choice of words, without being aware of it. In this way, we only see specific sections and blank out other perspectives and possibilities. In thinking, this is a problem and an obstacle that limits me; in speaking and talking, it can be an advantage with which I can direct the attention of my listeners.

Often a single expression can ruin the message or, on the contrary, make it particularly effective. For instance, an expression can give the speaker more inner as well as outer power when he/she uses it; a choice of words can change the body language and give the speaker a feeling of strength, security, and determination. Word choice and expression also expose whether one perceives and understands the feelings and reactions of the listeners, whether one feels empathy, can show it, and put it into words.

The choice of words in general or an expression in particular can significantly determine how the audience, or the interlocutor perceives and accepts what is said. It decisively determines whether you are accepted as a speaker and whether your words and the form of expression in which they are used achieve the desired outcome.

Words drive attention and the activity or actions of those who heard and interpreted them.

Who understands the possibilities of language as a tool, and masters this tool will leverage powerful communication.

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The Power of Communication

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The Power of Communication

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